The EPC Light on VW and Audi cars – Meaning, Causes, and How to Fix It

Do you need to be worried about the EPC warning light and what does it mean? The EPC light is one of the most important things you need to know, so continue reading to learn more.

The EPC engine light is likely to have popped on in your vehicle at some point, and you may be wondering what the EPC light in a car means? If the Electronic Power Control (EPC) warning light is lit, then there is a problem with your vehicle’s throttle system, for example, the accelerator pedal, the fuel injection throttle body, the traction control system, the cruise control system, or another system. Our VW service department is happy to help you with any auto repair that you need for your vehicle if you have an EPC car warning light illuminated on the dashboard of your vehicle.

In case you own a Volkswagen or Audi, there’s a good chance that you have already seen the EPC light on your dashboard if you are a Volkswagen or Audi owner. There is no doubt that this can be a disturbing sight, but what does it mean, and what can be done about it?

EPC Light
EPC Light

The purpose of this blog post is to explain what the EPC light is, why it may appear on the screen, and how you can fix it. You will know exactly what you need to do if your EPC light comes on after you finish reading this post. For more information, please continue reading!

What does the EPC Light mean?

A warning light on your dashboard, called the EPC (Electronic Power Control) light, indicates that something is wrong with the vehicle’s electronic power control system, and this could lead to a problem with your vehicle. Usually, when this light comes on in your car, it means there is a problem with the throttle system that you need to address.

EPC lights are often displayed along with other lights such as the Engine, ABS, ESP lights, depending on where the problem lies. Control units for the engine, brakes, transmissions, and steering all work together to monitor the Electronic Power Control system, which is distributed across them all.

As the EPC system is the traction control system of the Volkswagen Group, you will be able to find this system also in Audi, Skoda, and Seat models.

EPC Light on a Volkswagen

In the last few years, electronic controls for automotive systems have become more and more sophisticated, and this trend will continue for some time to come. As a consequence, there are many sensors and processors used in all areas of a vehicle, such as the transmission, engine, braking, suspension, and even the steering. This enhances reliability and safety, but it also requires additional maintenance. It is primarily responsible for monitoring the fuel injection system of your vehicle, as well as indicating other possible problems with the system. There are a few things you need to know if the Volkswagen EPC light is illuminated and what you should do if that light is on.

EPC Light on Audi Vehicles

You probably noticed that your Audi EPC light is on and you are experiencing problems with acceleration as well as trying to figure out what the Audi EPC light means if it is on in your vehicle. When your vehicle experiences a loss of power, you will typically see an EPC light illuminated on the dashboard. The computer in your Audi may decrease the power output of your vehicle if it detects a problem with one of the components of the throttle system. This will reduce the amount of pressure the engine has to deal with. The problem with your new Audi may be similar to what you experienced in a manual transmission car if you have ever experienced stalling while driving.

You should bring your Audi vehicle to our service department as soon as the Audi EPC light turns on because this is the best thing that you can do. You can come to us with an EPC light issue and we will diagnose it, repair or replace any component that appears to be malfunctioning, so that you can return to the road behind the wheel of a vehicle that performs the way you expect it to.

Common EPC Light Causes

It is most common for an EPC light to appear on your Audi or VW because of faulty sensor, faulty ABS ring, and faulty brake pedal switch. These are the most common causes of an EPC light appearing on your Audi or VW.

It is important to note that the following are some of the things that could trigger the EPC light to come on.

  1. Throttle body failure
  2. Bad ABS Sensor – Common on newer VW Passats
  3. Failed brake pedal switch – This is a common issue that affects VW Jettas, Golf 4s, and Fabias
  4. Bad ABS Ring
  5. Bad ABS sensor wiring
  6. A failed brake pressure sensor (Inside the ABS Module)
  7. A Bad Engine Sensor
  8. Internal engine problem
  9. Power steering failure
  10. Steering wheel sensor
  11. Wiring issues

How to fix the EPC light

An easy way to resolve the problem with the EPC code is to use a scanner that reads OBD2 codes from the engine control module or ABS control module that is causing the error.

The EPC warning light indicates that there are one or more trouble codes stored in one or more of the control units when it is on.

To find out if any trouble codes are stored in the engine control unit, the ABS control unit, the steering control unit, and the transmission control unit, you must scan the control units.

Depending on where you live, you can either take your car to a mechanic who can read the trouble codes for you, or you can use your own OBD2 scanner at home to get the information yourself.

Diagnostic scanners that are the cheapest can only be used to read the engine control unit. Due to the fact that this problem could happen in several control units at the same time, it’s recommended that either you get an advanced diagnostic scanner or that you let a workshop read the codes for all the other control units.

As soon as the EPC light appears on the dashboard of your car, but it is still running perfectly fine, I suggest you to perform an OBD2 scan on the car in order to see if the light comes back on. If the problem doesn’t come back after a while, then it might only be a temporary issue, but if it does come back after some time, then you will have to fix it.

There is an issue occurring right now when the light is showing up, which means that an issue is occurring at that moment.

If the EPC light is on, is it dangerous to drive?

The EPC issue should always be resolved as soon as possible as soon as possible. It is likely that some of the functions in your car may not function properly when the light is on.

Due to the fact that the EPC is integrated with the steering and braking systems, it could lead to engine damage and even serious accidents due to the limited functionality of the brakes or steering.

Whenever you see this light appearing on your dashboard, you should make sure to drive to the nearest mechanic workshop as soon as possible so they can take a closer look at it.

It is often the case that an EPC light keeps your car’s engine power and other functions from working, so you must drive slowly to the nearest mechanic workshop without running into any problems.

You may not see any damage to your car as a result of the EPC issue if you drive carefully. However, there is always a chance that the issue is more serious, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

EPC Light Frequently Asked Questions

Volkswagen and Audi EPC Lights: What do they mean?

Your Volkswagen or Audi may display the EPC warning light when there is a problem with the EPC (Electrical Power Control) system that needs to be addressed. As a result, the EPC system is able to control all the parts of the throttle control system, such as the throttle body, accelerator pedal, cruise control system, traction control system, etc.

Does the EPC Warning Light cause power loss?

There can be a sudden loss of power as a result of the EPC light controlling the throttle system. As soon as the light appears on the dashboard, you might not be able to rev the engine at all.

If the EPC light needs to be fixed, how much does it cost?

Due to the fact that different things can cause the EPC light to malfunction, there is no fixed price to fix it. In most cases, the repair of the EPC light will cost anywhere between $100 to $400, but there are times when it may be more expensive.

What is the best way to fix my EPC light?

It is necessary to use an OBD2 scanner in order to read the trouble codes in order to fix the VW EPC light. The trouble codes that you receive will tell you what the fault is and what you need to do to resolve the issue. Your money will be wasted if you make a guess as to what the problem is.

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