Honda Pilot Towing Capacity, Engine Options, and Features

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just a weekend getaway vehicle, the Honda Pilot is the vehicle for you. With Honda Pilot towing capacity, you and all of your friends can take your camping gear, sports equipment, and all the others with you when you’re on the road. You could call it more than an SUV– it’s a chariot to greatness. When all the modern comforts are wrapped up in one place, what could possibly make this vehicle stand out even more than it already does? Let’s figure it out: It is a good towing vehicle, too.

Exactly How Much Can A Honda Pilot Tow?

Towing ratings up to 3,500 pounds (when properly equipped) for Honda Pilot 2WD (9AT) models are included in the Honda Pilot towing package for 2021. It’s important for you to know the lengths to which the Honda Pilot AWD can be towed, which is why we try our best to make that information available to you. If you’re looking for more information about the Honda Pilot specs, please check below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Honda Pilot and its benefits, as well as its performance features.

How The Honda Pilot Tows That Much

From its introduction in 2003, the Honda Pilot has made waves in the automotive industry. In addition to the powerful towing features it offers, it also comes with a lot of other useful features. In spite of the Pilot not being a big pickup truck, it can tow almost as much as one. The tow hitch on the Honda Pilot is one of the components that enable it to do this. Honda automotive experts call it a “trailer hitch” or a “tow hitch”.

There are several trailer hitch accessories that are required in order to tow a trailer, especially as regards the new Pilot. As a result of such a component, towing capacities on Pilot AWD models can be increased by up to 5,000 pounds (assuming that you install a dealer-installed ATF cooler component as well).

The short and sweet of it is that your midsize SUV can tow a large meteor and it would not be considered midsized in the slightest.

Towing Capacity Calculations & How They Work

You can talk to us about how towing capacity works with a standard 2WD Honda Pilot if you are interested in learning more about it. When it comes to towing, the towing capacity refers to the maximum amount of mass your SUV is capable of towing, such as an ATV, trailers, etc.

There are multiple methods of determining your SUV’s towing capacity. Your manufacturers determine this weight by determining your Pilot’s towing capacity and subtracting the curb weight of the vehicle from the Gross Combination Vehicle Weight Rating, also known as GCVWR. The GCVWR is the total vehicle weight, including the weight of any attached trailer you have attached to it, of your Honda Pilot SUV.

Honda Pilot Towing Capacity Chart

Honda Pilot 2WDHonda Pilot AWDYear
3,500 pounds5,000 pounds2020 – 2021
3,500 pounds5,000 pounds2016 – 2019
2,000 pounds4,500 pounds2012 – 2015
3,500 pounds4,500 pounds2009 – 2011
3,500 pounds (for all trailer types)4,500 pounds (for boat trailers)2003 – 2008

Honda Pilot Towing Capacity By Trim

Honda Pilot TrimsTowing CapacityFWDAWD
2022 Honda Pilot EX-L3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2022 Honda Pilot Touring3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2022 Honda Pilot EliteN/A / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)N/AStandard
2022 Honda Pilot Black EditionN/A / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)N/AStandard
2021 Honda Pilot LX3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2021 Honda Pilot EX3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2021 Honda Pilot EX-L3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2021 Honda Pilot Special Edition3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2021 Honda Pilot Touring3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2021 Honda Pilot EliteN/A / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)N/AStandard
2021 Honda Pilot Black EditionN/A / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)N/AStandard
2020 Honda Pilot LX3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2020 Honda Pilot EX3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2020 Honda Pilot EX-L3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2020 Honda Pilot Touring3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)StandardAvailable
2020 Honda Pilot EliteN/A / 5,000 lbs. (FWD / AWD)N/AAvailable

2022 Honda Pilot Towing Capacity by Configuration

The next time a driver asks us, “How much weight does the Honda Pilot tow in a trailer?”, – Having the ability to haul 5,000 pounds, we can answer their questions with pride. However, what is the maximum towing capacity that the Honda Pilot is capable of? Check out the following chart to learn more about the towing capacity of the Honda Pilot 2022:

2022 Honda Pilot Sport Towing Capacity3,500 pounds5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot EX-L Towing Capacity 3,500 pounds5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition Towing3,500 pounds5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot TrailSport Towing Capacity5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot Touring Towing Capacity3,500 pounds5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot Elite Towing Capacity5,000 pounds
2022 Honda Pilot Black Edition Towing Capacity5,000 pounds

It may have caught your attention that the Honda Pilot Elite and Black Edition configurations are not available with a 2WD setup in the 2022 production model. It is important to note though that the powerful 3.5L V6 engine from either option is capable of delivering a maximum output of 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque.

2022 Honda Pilot Safety Technology

As much as grit and power are essential for any SUV, it is the safety of the driver that is the most important. If you switch to the Honda Pilot, you can commute to Zephyrhills with peace of mind, thanks to the safety features of the Honda Sensing® package that comes standard. Whether you’re traveling solo or you’re maximizing the Honda Pilot’s seating capabilities to accommodate eight passengers, the following features will keep you safe:

  • Intelligent Traction Management system*
  • AWD capabilities
  • Blindspot information system
  • Cross-traffic monitor
  • Multi-angle rearview camera
  • ACE™ body struck
  • Lane-keeping assist system
  • Collision mitigation braking system

2022 Honda Pilot Towing & Performance Features

Introducing the new 2022 Honda Pilot midsize SUV, a versatile family vehicle with a dynamic performance. A Honda driver or shopper near Orlando, FL, can expect to get 280 horsepower from a 3.5L V6 engine and up to 262 lb-ft of torque, coupled with a Variable Cylinder ManagementTM system. With the EX-L, Special Edition, Touring, Elite and Black Edition, this powertrain option comes with EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of 20 mpg on the city streets and 27 mpg on the highways.

2022 Honda Pilot Towing & Performance Features

The EX-L, Special Edition and Touring trims come standard with 2WD drive trains, while the Elite and Black Edition feature the i-VTM4 all-wheel-drive system as standard equipment, and all three trims are available with 4WD as an option. In addition to the Snow Mode and Sand & Mud Modes available on the system, there is Intelligent Traction Management for better traction. With a 9-speed automatic transmission coupled with Shift-By-Wire and Paddle Shifters as well as a payload capacity that ranges between 1,418 and 1,614 lbs, the 2022 Honda Pilot is always a great choice.

  • EPA-estimated 20 city and 27 highway mpg
  • i-VTM4 All-Wheel-Drive System
  • Intelligent Traction Management with Snow Mode
  • Available Sand & Mud Modes
  • Variable Cylinder Management™
  • 280-hp 3.5L V6 engine
  • 262 lb-ft of torque
  • 9-speed automatic transmission with Shift-By-Wire and Paddle Shifters
  • Payload capacity of 1,418 to 1,614 lbs

2022 Honda Pilot Cargo/Storage Volume

In its class as a midsize SUV, the new 2022 Honda Pilot stands out as one of the more spacious models, offering exceptional cargo capacity, a number of storage solutions and convenient features throughout the cabin. In addition to offering seating for up to seven passengers, this new Honda Pilot offers a maximum passenger volume of up to 153.1 cubic feet. It is expected that Honda Pilot owners and shoppers in and around Orlando, FL, can expect a maximum cargo volume of 82.1 cubic feet to 108.5 cubic feet, depending on the trim level and configuration.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of 18.0 cubic feet of space in the trunk area or 55.0 cubic feet of space behind the second row. In the 2022 Honda Pilot, you can stay comfortable and organized thanks to features such as the lockable glove compartment, the multi-functional storage in the center console, the hidden storage well, the tie-down anchors in the cargo area and the bag hooks in the cargo area.

  • First row cargo volume up to 82.1 cubic feet to 108.5 cubic feet
  • Second row cargo volume of 46.0 to 55.0 cubic feet
  • Third row cargo volume of 16.0 to 18.0 cubic feet

This is based on the EPA mileage rating for 2021. It is only meant to be used as a comparators. Depending on the conditions in which you drive your vehicle, how well you maintain it and how you drive, your mileage will vary.

Why Does the Honda Pilot Have Such a High Towing Capacity?

There are several reasons why the Honda Pilot 2021 has a higher pulling power than many of its competitors, but one of the main reasons is its powerful powertrain. There are a number of things you will find under the hood of this Honda SUV including a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that produces 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. With an automatic transmission that offers nine speeds, this engine provides smooth and quick acceleration. The Pilot is capable of reaching 60 mph from a stop in just six seconds. As well as its brawn, it’s also capable of handling various strenuous driving tasks, such as climbing up steep slopes or hauling or towing heavy loads.

It should also be noted that the advanced all-wheel-drive system of the Honda Pilot plays a crucial part in the car’s towing capacity. The system comes with a new feature that it calls Intelligent Variable Torque Management, which allows the vehicle to provide the correct amount of torque to each axle. Moreover, it is capable of monitoring the level of traction for each wheel and redistributing power in a way that improves road grip and stability on slippery roads or terrain with varying surfaces. A Pilot all-wheel-drive car has a much higher towing rating than a similar-equipped front-wheel-drive car, largely due to the fact that all four wheels share the load and have increased traction.

Does the Honda Pilot Have Any Features to Ensure Safe Towing?

In some situations, including those where you are dealing with sharp corners or winding roads, cruising at highway speeds, or navigating in a hilly area, towing a heavy load can compromise the handling and stability of your SUV. You may lose control of your vehicle as a result, and you may be at higher risk of an accident as a result. It is also possible that the object you’re towing may endanger the lives of other motorists and pedestrians around you, should the hitch come loose from the object you’re towing.

In any case, the 2021 Honda Pilot has a multi-angle rearview camera, so while you’re driving, you can never lose sight of your trailer while you’re driving. You can also park more conveniently and safely with the camera. In addition to that, the Pilot comes with hill start assist so you don’t have to worry about starting on a hill when you’re driving. It has been designed to automatically apply the brakes for a few seconds as you shift your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal when your vehicle is starting on an inclined plane. In a nutshell, it prevents the SUV from rolling back on itself, which is sometimes necessary when a heavy object is being towed.

How Much Does the Honda Pilot Weigh?

It is estimated that the curb weight of the Honda Pilot is between 3,984 and 2,321. Choosing the right trim can make a significant difference to the statistics in this category. With a curb weight of 3,982 pounds, the standard 2-Wheel-Drive Pilot on the lower end of the trim range is the heaviest model among them. There are two trim levels in the middle to choose from: the EX All-Wheel-Drive trim which weighs 4,176 lbs and the Special Edition All-Wheel-Drive trim which weighs 4,255 lbs. In the top tier of the trim selections, there’s the Black Edition All-Wheel-Drive trim, which weighs in at 4,321 lbs.

How Much Ground Clearance Does the Honda Pilot Have?

A ground clearance of 7.3 inches is provided by the Pilot. Because of the Pilot’s ability to gather measurements in addition to its design, drivers will be able to identify potential traffic problems from a significantly greater distance compared to drivers who are traveling in shorter vehicles.

What Is The Horsepower of the Pilot?

Honda’s Pilot is a four wheel drive vehicle with 280 horsepower. It’s important to point out the fact that we discussed earlier that the standard V6 engine is now standard with every Pilot trim level and that it is combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and shift-by-wire. As a result, the Pilot’s performance remains consistent and stable throughout all trim levels, with a 280 horsepower output that’s competitive compared to other SUVs.


Number Of Passengers: There was really only one determining factor when it came to the allowed trailer weight ratings for all Honda Pilot models. This was the number of passengers in the vehicle. This made sense since the more passengers you had, the less towing capacity you had, so we factored the GCWR into the charts, doing away with an awful lot of the normal calculations.

2WD vs 4WD: Several of the Pilot’s charts featured separate statistics for 2WD (two-wheel drive) and 4WD (four wheel drive) models and it became apparent when reviewing the numbers that the 4WD models were slightly more powerful than the 2WD models.

ATF Cooler Equipped: It is important to realize that if you have an optional ATF cooler installed on your Honda Pilot, then the capacity of the engine will be greatly increased. The ATF coolers that were installed on most of the models that I noticed had a minimum of 1,000 lb. of capacity. These models had a higher capacity range than those without an ATF cooler.

Towing Capacity: The overall capacity numbers ranged from 2,001 lbs to 2,000 lbs between all the years I looked at (2003-2021). This pattern was evident over all of the years I looked at (2003-2021). to 4,500 lbs. for the majority of the models. This vehicle was not capable of carrying more than 8 passengers. Pilots had a 5,000 lb. towing capacity for all model years, but newer Pilots had a higher rating. Those equipped with an ATF cooler had a higher towing capacity.

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