22 Different Types Of Vehicle and Cars (Vehicle Body Styles Explained)

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of all the car body types that are available on the market today into a neat group of hundreds of models.

Taking a look at the different types of cars available on the market is probably one of the things you’ve thought about if you own a car. It can be difficult to choose which of these options is best for you, since each of them comes with its own set of features and benefits.

There are a number of factors you need to consider before you buy a new car, such as the size of the trunk, the number of passengers, the engine size, and how fuel-efficient the car is.

A new type of car comes on the market every year in the automotive industry, as it is an industry that changes rapidly. As a result of technological advances by the auto makers, there are now many new types of vehicles on the market that did not exist a few years ago, and today there are more than twenty different types of vehicles to choose from.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, automobiles have developed in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. There are small and large versions of them, as well as a number of innovations that have been added throughout the years. In spite of this, the basic function of these devices does not change. In today’s world, purchasing a car is considered to be one of the major purchases that people will make in their lifetime.

Types Of Vehicle and Cars
Types Of Vehicle and Cars

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the 22 most common types of cars, and we’ll tell you a little bit about each one as well. No matter what vehicle you’re searching for, or if you’re just interested in learning more about what’s on offer out there, you’re in the right place! In the first place, we are going to take a look at the different classifications into which different car types can be categorized.

Classification Of Cars:

There are several factors that contribute to the classification of cars into different categories. There are a number of classifications that can be found in the following list.

1. Body Style:

Generally, vehicles are classified according to their body style, which is the most common vehicle type. As an example, there are a variety of body types such as coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, and convertibles, etc.

2. Size:

It is also possible to categorize the size of the car into different types according to its size. A car’s size determines whether it is considered a compact, medium, micro or extra large vehicle, for example.

3. Car Segment:

There are a large number of car types that can be categorized according to their market segments, such as city cars, compact cars, muscle cars, luxury cars, and electric cars.

4. Purpose:

This is a term that is widely used when explaining the differences between different types of cars. There are a variety of different kinds of cars depending on their purpose, such as commercial vehicles, family vehicles, race cars, exotic vehicles, or sports vehicles.

5. Fuel:

It is also possible to categorize cars by their fuel type in addition to the type of engine. In this article, we have not included any of these types of cars; however, we can categorize cars according to their fuel source, which could be diesels, electrics, hydrogen cars, gas cars, and so on.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different types of cars and what they mean, let’s move on to our list of car types:

The top 22 car types in the world

1. Sedan

In terms of car types, sedans are one of the most common. An automobile with four doors is referred to as a sedan, and it has a traditional trunk. A hatchback has a larger trunk compartment and the door to the luggage compartment does not include a window in the rear, while a sedan has hinges on the door set under the window, which is the main difference between the two.

A sedan is a car with a limited amount of space in the trunk, but if you are looking for a car with a sporty look, then it is the car that you should choose. In terms of the sedan, there are many different variants available, and here are just a few examples of what I mean:

2. Crossover (CUV)

There is a common misconception that crossovers are the same as SUVs. A crossover is usually a two-wheel drive vehicle, but it can also be available with four-wheel drive if you prefer. Essentially, this is an off-road car chassis, but it has been designed more for city traffic than off-road.

This is one of the most significant differentiators between the crossover and the SUV as it uses a monocoque chassis that is lighter as opposed to an SUV’s ladder frame chassis. Basically, what this means is that the chassis of a CUV is derived from that of a car, and the chassis of an SUV is derived from that of a truck. In many respects, it can be described as a combination of a hatchback and an SUV. One of the best examples of a compact utility vehicle is the Honda Odyssey and the Chrysler Pacifica.

3. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

In addition to the SUV, another car type that is making its way up the list of the most popular car types is the minivan. Generally speaking, an SUV is a large car that can usually accommodate five to seven passengers and often has three rows of seats. In a lot of ways, these vehicles are similar to crossovers, except that they are built on a body-on-frame chassis, as opposed to a suspension. In addition to having four wheel drive, they are often capable of handling tough terrain.

It is common for these vehicles to come with the latest technological advancements and to be very comfortable to drive. The application of well-performing suspension and large wheels can also be seen in off-road vehicles, as well as with off-road accessories. Depending on the size you are looking for, you can choose between compact, medium, and full size SUVs. In addition to the Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, and Suzuki Vitara, there are many other good examples of SUVs.

4. Hatchback

Hatchback cars, on the other hand, are basically a mixture of sedans and station wagons. Usually, they come in a set of five doors and have a hatch that opens upwards in the middle. There are hinges above the rear window of a hatchback, much like the hinges on a station wagon.

Station wagons and hatchbacks often are distinguished by their size, as well as the fact that the station wagon has often a steeper angle at its tailgate than the hatchback. Two of the most common hatchback models are the Volkswagen Golf and the Kia Rio. A hatchback with high performance can also be referred to as a hot hatchback, and you can also find some of them on the market.

There are some larger luxury vehicles on the market today, including the Audi A7, the Kia Stinger, and the Tesla Model S. These vehicles are classified as hatchbacks and come with a steeply sloping tailgate.

5. Station Wagon

There is much in common between a wagon and a sedan, except for the roofline, which is extended, and the hatch door is used instead of the trunk to open it. Since station cars often have a larger cargo space than sedans, they are often the best choice for families and long road trips due to the larger amount of luggage they can carry.

It is also worthwhile to note that station wagons may be equipped with higher ground clearance and four-wheel drive in some cases, which makes them a little more like SUVs in the long run. In the last few years, the popularity of station wagons has declined in the United States and is more prevalent in Europe as compared to the United States.

Among some of the most common station wagons are BMW’s 5-series, Audi’s A4 or A6, Volvo’s V90, and Subaru Outbacks.

6. Coupe

There are two doors on a coupe, very similar to the doors on a sedan, except it only has two doors instead of four. The rear seat of most coupe cars is usually designed to accommodate two or three more passengers, but to get to it, you often need to fold down one of the front seats in order to open it up. There is a tendency for coupés to be quite more sporty looking than sedans.

Many coupe models are available on the market, including Ford Mustangs, Audi A5, Chevrolet Corvettes, and Porsche Boxters.

7. Pickup Truck

Recent years have seen a rise in the number of pickup trucks on the road. The pickup trucks have an enclosed cab that is separated from the cargo area by an open bed. Depending on the model, they can either accommodate two passengers or four passengers. One exception to this is the Honda Ridgeline, which is mounted on a separate steel frame and has the cabin mounted on it.

In terms of agricultural equipment, pickups have a large cargo area, a powerful engine, and an easily manageable load weight, which makes them perfect for farmers and for transporting goods. In most cases, a pickup truck is either four-wheel drive or has a part-time four-wheel drive system. As a matter of fact, there are many models available with only 2WD as an option.

There are two sizes of pickup trucks: the full-sized pickup truck as well as the mid-sized pickup truck, and there are usually multiple options you can choose from, such as either a long cab, a single cab or a crew cab. The most common pickup trucks that are available include the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Chevrolet Silverado, and the Dodge F150.

8. Minivan (MPV)

It is a van, but it has a number of passenger seats instead of cargo space, making it a minivan or multipurpose vehicle (MPV). This vehicle can hold 7 or 8 passengers, making it ideal for larger families and for use as a taxi when you need to transport people.

There is a tendency for this aircraft to have a very large cabin space instead of a large cargo area. On one or both sides of the car, you will often find a sliding door which opens and closes automatically. One great example of a minivan is the Honda Odyssey, which is a great example of a minivan along with the Chrysler Pacifica.

9. Roadster

Basically, a roadster car is a convertible car that has two doors instead of just one, and typically has no rear seat on the back. Because of this, they can only be used by two people at a time. As far as size is concerned, they are often very small and do not have much space for cargo when it comes to their size.

The majority of them are sporty looking and they are perfect for individuals who enjoy sitting outside with a friend or fiancée on a warm day while enjoying an ice cream in sunny weather. Roadster models such as the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Mercedes-Benz SLC, or Jaguar F-Type Roadster are some of the most popular ones on the market today.

10. Van

A Van is a car model that has two or three seats and is often used for transporting goods because of its two or three seats. Some models have a sealed cab that separates the cargo area from the cab. Their cargo areas are often without any windows, but others have glass windows on the rear doors that allow light into the cargo areas.

The truck is a very good choice for transporting goods, as it has the capacity to lift a lot of weight, usually more than a ton. One of the most common van models is the VW Transporter, followed by the Chevrolet Van or the GMC Vandura.

11. Sports Cars

A sports car can be any car that has a sporty look to it, whether it is a roadster, coupe, or even a sedan, depending on how you want to define it. Since a sports car can also be a supercar, sports cars are quite similar in terms of performance and price to supercars. However, the difference lies in the fact that sports cars are normally a notch below supercars when it comes to performance and price.

The price of these cars is usually much lower than that of supercars, and they have usually poorer performance than those cars. It is pretty common for sports cars to have a good handling with good road capabilities as well as a fairly powerful engine that can both be driven on the streets as well as on the racetrack if you feel like it if this is something you want to do. It is common for sports cars to be convertibles, but it is not always the case. As far as sports cars are concerned, the Porsche 911, Mazda MX-5, and BMW M3 can be categorized in this category.

12. Supercar

There is a supercar which is characterized by its high performance and large engine and usually comes with a lot of power. In general, supercars are usually two-seaters, and at the same time, they are very expensive – some of them cost as much as a million dollars.

There are a number of supercars that are powered by a V8 or V12 engine and that produce over 500 horsepower each. In many cases, the supercar is available as a convertible, depending on the model. A supercar usually has a very limited amount of cargo space or even no cargo space at all. A few common supercars are the Lamborghini Huracán, the McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Aventador.

13. Luxury Cars

As the name suggests, a luxury car is just what it sounds like – a luxury vehicle. The cars are often very expensive, and they are equipped with all the latest features that make a ride as comfortable as possible. A lot of them have powerful engines, but they perform poorly in curves and on race tracks because of how slow they are in close quarters. Due to the fact that they often have so many features for the purposes of comfort, they tend to be quite heavy as well.

Luxury cars can also be supercars or sports cars, and the term is often used to describe very expensive cars that offer high levels of comfort and luxury. Among the luxury cars available in the market are the Bentley Continental GT, the Ferrari Portofino, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

14. Convertible / Cabriolet

It is important to note that the convertible or cabriolet models of the car come with a retractable roof. Whether you’re on vacation to the beach or you’re going on holiday to the beach on a hot summer day, these are perfect for a hot summer day. Some older convertible cars had to be operated manually when it came time to retrace the fabric roof, but this was not the case with most modern convertibles. It is even possible to get models with retractable hardtops, making them look like normal cars when they are closed, when the roof is retractable.

It is possible to obtain a roadster or a two-seater version of either of these cars, and they are typically cars that have a retractable roof installed, while the roadster is often classified as its own type of car. It is quite common for sports cars to be available as convertibles as well. There are many different car models with convertible options on the market, some of which include the BMW Z4, Fiat 500, and Chevrolet.

15. Muscle Cars

Basically, muscle cars are cars that have a lot of muscle under the hood. The term muscle car is often used to describe older American cars with powerful v8s and v10s, but muscle cars are also available in newer models as well, as modern cars with v8 or v10 engines. There are usually not many cars that can beat muscle cars when they are driving in a straight line, like drag racing, on a racetrack around corners, but when they are driving in a straight line, such as when they are driving on dusty roads.

Among the models referred to as muscle cars are Ford Mustangs, Pontiac GTOs, and Dodge Challengers among others.

16. Microcar

A microcar is a relatively small car typically with a smaller engine than a liter and is often referred to as a minicar or a microcar. Due to their fuel efficiency and ease of parking, they are ideal for city traffic since they come in various unusual designs and are available in a variety of unusual colors.

In most cases, a microcar can accommodate two passengers. A microcar could be classified as a bicycle car, a bubble car, or even a tiny car such as the Tata Nano. In the modern age, microcars are often powered by electric motors. In most cases, however, the disadvantage of the microcar is that it does not have much cargo space at all.

17. Camper Van

Often a camper van can be characterized as an old truck chassis that has been completely rebuilt for camping, as well as having a kitchen, toilet, and other appliances that are necessary for a perfect camping experience. This kind of vehicle can also be referred to as a motorhome if it is a modified minivan that has been adapted to become a motorhome, such as a Volkswagen transporter.

However, a number of camper van models are built directly from the manufacturer, such as the Fiat Ducato, the Winnebago Revel, and Nomad Vanz Sprinter. These models are all available to order today from numerous manufacturers.

18. Mini Truck

Mini trucks are exactly what they sound like when you’re asking about them – small trucks that are a mix between pickup trucks and full-size trucks. There are often two or three seats on them and they have an open space for the cargo, but they can also have a closed space for the cargo as well.

The design is usually based on the chassis of a truck, and the chassis is usually quite strong, as they are usually used for the transportation of heavy loads. One of the most popular mini-truck models in the market is the Nissan clipper. Others are the Suzuki carry and Mazda scrum.

19. Limousine

Celebrities and pop stars often use limousines, which are stretched cars, as they are a good way to travel. There are elongated bases on which it is constructed and different car models can be used to rebuild it.

It is more common that these are not created directly in factories, they are often reconstructed once they have left the factory, usually by a company specializing in doing this. Nevertheless, there are some luxury cars that come with a slightly longer wheelbase than normal and are also known as limousines, even if they might seem like a normal car to you at first glance. Some of the most popular limousines are Chrysler 300s, Hummers, and Mercedes Benz S’s that are rebuilt into limousines.

20. Truck

There is a truck at the end of the list, which is in the last position. In spite of the fact that these types of vehicles are not really cars, they can come in many forms and are still considered vehicles, so we thought that including them would be a good idea.

The majority of people are familiar with the concept of a truck. The vehicle is a two- or three-seater vehicle, and sometimes there is a bed behind the seats, which makes it more convenient for a family. There is a big cargo area on this plane and it is mainly used for companies to transport their goods as it has a large cargo area. A few of the most common truck manufacturers are Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Scania, and DAF, among many others.

21. Tuner

In the world of automotive tuning, a tuner car is a car that has been modified or tuned to perform better. As well as being modified for speed and performance, some of them are modified for better handling and improved fuel efficiency as well.

Throughout this article, it has been shown how cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As they come in different versions, they can be tuned for a variety of reasons such as performance, speed, handling, comfort, or strength. Depending on what kind of car you want, it will depend on what you are looking for. A few of them are expensive, some of them are affordable, and a few of them are bizarre and fantastical. It cannot be denied that there are people who need extravagance and oddity in their cars, as well as those who need a small car to get around the house. In spite of this, there is no doubt that a great deal of global imagination has been captured by the automobile over the years, and it will only continue to do so in the future.

22. Electric Car

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look forward to leasing my next car, which will be an electric vehicle.  Currently, most automobile manufacturers will be rolling out a number of electric car options over the next few years, making this a very exciting time for the automotive industry.  It is being reported that Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes are all launching electric cars in the near future.  Currently, Tesla is the top dog in the autonomous vehicle arena, but over the next five years, they will be facing a more and more intense competition that will become more and more fierce.  It would also be a good idea to consider GM’s Volt as an option.

I am a big fan of Tesla’s designs, but they don’t come close to how cool I think the first Porsche electric car was when it was new. 


In conclusion, there are many different types of vehicles and cars available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It is important to do your research before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the best vehicle for your needs. With so many options available, there is sure to be a perfect car out there for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most popular type of car?

As far as car types are concerned, mid-sized sedans are the most popular in the US. This is a question that is hard to answer because it all depends on the region of the world where you’re looking as well as what type of investment you’re looking for. Across the world, SUVs, sedans, compact cars, and trucks are the most popular types of vehicles.

How many car types are there?

Based on the way you count them, there are over 25 types of cars in the world. Depending on the type of car, it can be classified in many different ways such as the body style of the car (Sedan), the size of the car (Compact), the segment of the car (Muscle Cars), the purpose of the car (Family Cars) and the fuel type (Electric Vehicle). On the market, there are also more than 400 different car models that you can choose from.

What types of cars can pull a trailer?

There are many types of cars that can pull a trailer as long as they have a hitch. It is possible for some cars to come with hitches installed right out of the factory, while there are others that may need to be purchased as an accessory. You would be best served by a truck or an SUV if, on the other hand, you want a car that is capable of pulling a heavy trailer.

What type of vehicle is safest?

It is difficult to provide an answer that is definitive to this question. The safety of different types of vehicles depends on the circumstances in which they are used. Although this is true, it is generally considered that larger, heavier vehicles are safer in comparison to smaller vehicles. Smaller cars, for example, have a lower likelihood of being safe in a collision than larger ones, and SUVs have a greater chance of being safe in a collision than almost every other type of vehicle available.

What type of car is best for learners?

In most cases, students find it easier to learn to drive in a smaller car with good visibility, which is easier to control, and is easier to drive. In general, larger cars are usually safer, so when choosing a car for learning, it really is important to choose one that makes you feel both comfortable and safe no matter what.

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