What is VSC Light – Meaning, Causes & How To Reset

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is a feature that comes standard in many Toyota & Lexus cars, and the purpose of this system is to provide stability for the vehicle during adverse weather conditions.

The VSC system automatically turns off engine power to certain wheels when it detects that the car is losing traction in order to correct the driving situation.

As a result of the VSC, thousands of road accidents have been reduced during inclement weather such as rain, fog, and snow.

If your Toyota or Lexus’ VSC system malfunctions for whatever reason, it is vital that you check it as soon as possible.

What does the VSC Light mean?

There is a problem with your traction control system, and your Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) as well as your Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) may temporarily be out of commission due to the warning light. You might also notice this if you accidentally pressed the VSC button during the process.

As the name implies, VSC stands for Vehicle Stability Control and is the way Toyota and Lexus handle traction control in their vehicles. By reducing the power you send to your wheels, traction control helps you maintain traction on your vehicle.

The VSC is a part of the ABS system. There is a possibility that the ABS sensors will be interfered with by the snow if your vehicle is driving in blizzard conditions, causing the check VSC system light to illuminate.

What is VSC Light
What is VSC Light

When you see the “VSC OFF” sign on your dashboard, it means that your traction control system has been completely shut down and you will not be able to use it in the event of a loss of traction.

The “Check VSC System Light” message can also be seen on the dashboard of a newer car rather than the VSC light if that is what you have.

What causes the check VSC light to come on?

There are many things that can go wrong with the VSC system because it is integrated with the engine control system as well as the brake control system to control your car’s traction.

In most cases, the cause of the VSC light is caused by either a problem with the accelerator pedal, a problem with the throttle body, an issue with the ABS sensors, or a problem with the mass airflow sensor.

By using a diagnostic scanner, you will be able to find out what caused your VSC light to come on by reading the trouble code memory of your vehicle.

Which models are affected?

A Toyota vehicle is equipped with a traction control system known as the VSC. There are also many Lexus cars that have this feature as well. These are some of the models that have a VSC system on them:

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Toyota Avensis
  3. Toyota Verso
  4. Toyota Sienna
  5. Lexus RX400H
  6. Lexus is250
  7. Lexus is220d

How to reset the VSC light?

Resetting the VSC light is an easy fix that can be carried out if the problem persists. There may have just been an intermittent issue that caused the VSC light to come on intermittently. In order to reset your VSC light, you can try the following steps:

  • Put the gear in the park position and stop your car.
  • You will need to locate the VSC button on the screen. There is usually a gear stick near the gear stick, but depending on what type of car you drive, it can also be located at the steering wheel or behind the steering wheel.
  • For a few seconds, hold down the VSC button while pressing and holding it.
  • It will now be possible for you to see the indicator lights for TRAC OFF and VSC OFF coming on. It has now been turned off both the traction and the VSC systems.
  • Please press the VSC button again for a second. In order to reengage the systems, both the TRAC and VSC lights will have to turn off.
  • It is important to check the trouble codes if this does not solve the problem, and to perform a real troubleshooting procedure to find out what the problem is.

In case you do not have the knowledge to fix your car on your own, then you need to take it to a workshop.

How does the VSC system work?

The VSC system is the system of traction control that is built into the car. In a situation where there is a slippery road and you lose traction, the system roars into action-giving you a better steering ability when you are driving. In addition to theses electronic sensors, there will also be corresponding Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs) on each car’s wheels.

The VSC is designed to automatically reduce engine speed when a driver experiences steering control problems in order to give additional stopping power to the wheels that are most in need of it.

As a result of the wheel sensors, information is relayed about the rotational movement of the wheels, either horizontally or vertically. The check VSC system light may appear whenever a problem with the steering rack or sensors is detected. If this occurs, the vehicle may need to be serviced.

Taking away the VSC light in a secret way

Follow these steps in order to manually turn off the VSC:

1. Make sure that you are completely stopped before you proceed. If you are able to, place the car in park.

2. For a few seconds, press and hold the VSC button on your device.

3. A light will come on to indicate that the TRAC OFF and VSC OFF have been turned off. The two systems have now been turned off.

4. It is important to press the VSC button again. It will take a few seconds for both lights to go out and the systems will be reengaged.

There is a possibility that the car might have a wrong steering rack or sensors if the warning light stays on or comes back after a while. It is highly recommended that you consult a mechanic if you are experiencing this problem and replace the necessary sensors or components.

This secret is what we call it since we want you to feel like a car guru to people who have never read our articles, yet we don’t want you to hoard knowledge, instead, we want you to show everyone as much information as you can because the automotive industry of land vehicles changes daily and there could be a lot everyone needs to know to stay ahead.

Why Are My Check Engine Warning Lights Off?

If you still do not feel sure what to do, it is advisable to keep your car immobile for as long as possible. Please place it in park if you are able to do so.

If you hold the VSC button for at least a few seconds, you will be able to generate a background noise on your device.

During the TRAC Off signal you will have to turn on the system and turn it off at the VSC Off signal.

As soon as you press VSC again, all systems will be reactivated, and both lights will go out and no more activity will be detected.

Is It Safe To Drive With Vsc And Engine Light On?

Does the Visvescent Control System make driving safer? Is it safe to drive with this system? VSC lights are generally considered to be safe when driving with them on. In spite of this, you should still take extra precautions when you are driving with the green light since this could be an indication that the VSC system is not working properly. As a general rule, it is advisable to keep the VSC off when it is snowing or when heavy rain is falling.

VSC Trac Light: What Does It Mean?

The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) or Traction Control (TRAC) of your vehicle is activated when it detects slipping on its tires, so that you can restore traction once it has detected the slipping occurs. The slip indicator flashes when either of these systems is active. The reason for the light to remain on, and whether or not the lamp continues to stay on, could be indicative of a problem with the TRAC/VSC equipment.

What Does It Mean When Traction Control And Check Engine Lights Come On?

If you are having problems with your controller or vehicle speed sensor, or if you are having problems with your wheels speed sensor, you may have a malfunctioning controller, vehicle speed sensor, or wheel speed sensor. Since the light on the engine makes it look like traction control is disabled, you need to check whether there are any codes stored in the computer as well since the light on the engine makes it look like your traction control is disabled.

Why Is My Check Engine And Trac Off Light On?

This light is used to assist the traction control system as well. In addition to the traction control system, there are a number of other conditions that can occur. An example of a malfunction could be an issue with the controller, or it could be an issue with the vehicle speed sensor, or it could be an issue with the wheel speed sensor.


Why Is My Vsc Light And Check Engine Light On?

In simple terms, it is referred to as “Vehicle Stability Control”. Due to the fact that this light has been illuminated, it is possible that the traction control may not work. The most common cause of O2 Sensor or gas cap problems for your Toyota Camry occurs when the vehicle is operating in the Check Engine and Vehicle Stability Control modes when it has a problem.

How Do You Clear A Check Vsc?

Once you have parked your vehicle, you should shut off the engine and set the parking brake after you have turned off the engine. It is recommended that you disconnect the negative cable of the battery 15 seconds after you have already disconnected the mounting cable of the battery from the bonnet using a socket of an appropriate size. You will be able to remove the “VSC” message once you unplug the negative battery cable from the battery.

Check Engine Light and VSA Light Mean?

This system ensures that the tires are able to maintain traction, resulting in effective traction on the road, as a result of Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist system. As a result, the system will be able to tell if there might be a problem with the engine and the VSA lights will be glowing simultaneously, so the computer can be sure it is not an emergency situation and not to check it right away.

What Would Cause The Vsc Light To Come On?

In accordance with a recall notice issued by the manufacturer, VSC lights may be caused by a faulty accelerator pedal, a malfunctioning throttle body, a malfunctioning ABS sensor, or a malfunction of the mass airflow system. In order to immediately determine what is causing the VSC light on your vehicle, you will need a diagnostic scanner that can examine trouble code memory.

What is the cost of fixing the VSC on a Lexus?

The cost of fixing the VSC problem on a Lexus would be approximately $200 to $300 depending on the severity of the problem. It is important to pay attention to the reason why the light was turned on in the first place. There is one component that works on VS that incorporates ABS and other parts of the car.

Why Is My Vsc And Trac Light On?

In order to disable the VSC and Trac systems, one of the signs is activating or shutting them down voluntarily. If you do not do anything when any of these lights are on, they will turn on if they are off, which may cause a problem for you later on. In some cases, pedals may malfunction, sensors may become dirty, or throttle bodies may be worn out due to years of use. A number of reasons may account for your problems.

Where is the VSC button located?

On both Toyota and Lexus models, the VSC button is usually found under the steering wheel on the left side or near the gear shifter on the left side of the dashboard. VSC is sometimes written on a car’s button, but sometimes it is just a skidding car symbol that appears on a car’s button.

Can I drive with VSC light on?

As a general rule, you should be able to drive with your VSC light on as long as you drive carefully and don’t overspeed. In spite of this, it is imperative that you use extreme caution because the car’s traction control system will not be working. As soon as possible, it is also recommended to fix this problem.

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